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The Buy to Let Manual: How to Invest for Profit in Residential Property and Manage the Letting Yourself (0 Review)

Author: Tony Booth
RRP: £9.99
This highly-praised book provides the reader with everything that needs to be known about buying, preparing and letting a suitable investment property. In short this book is a comprehensive, but clear and concise guide for the world-be, go-it-alone landlord who wishes to avoid agency fees by creating and managing his own tenancy. 
"'An excellent piece of work that clearly and concisely encapsulates the fundamental issues.' Philip R Gibbs, Life President of the Residential Landlords Association 'Excellent first purchase for anyone contemplating investing in the buy to let market. First class and good value for money.' The Letting Centre 'A superb guide for the new landlord, and of value to the experienced landlord too. A very useful reference book.' Tessa Shepperson, Solicitor, 'A first class guide for those about to embark on letting... provides some valuable reminders even for more experienced landlords.' Small Landlords Association"
This 195 Page paperback includes:
1. Identifying a suitable property
2. Buying the property
3. Legally requiring pre-letting inspections
4. Preparing the property for tenants
5. Creating an inventory
6. Finding suitable tenants
7. Tenant referencing
8. The law of tenancy
9. Starting the tenancy
10. Managing the tenancy
11. End of tenancy
12. Letting in Scotland
13. Troubleshooting