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Tax-Free Property Investments: Retire Rich with Property Pensions, REITs and ISAs (0 Review)

Author: Nick Braun
RRP: £24.95
This brand new guide shows you how to double your property investment returns by using a variety of powerful tax shelters. You'll discover how to: 
* Buy property at a 40% discount, paid for by the taxman. 
* Never pay capital gains tax or income tax on your property profits again. 
* Earn tax-free income for life from your property investments. 
* Invest tax free in overseas property. 
* Cut the income tax on your ENTIRE salary or business profits to zero. 
* Invest in property funds that have delivered capital gains of 20% in the space of just two months. 
This book tells you everything you need to know about real estate investment trusts (REITs), property pensions (SIPPs) and property ISAs, including the very latest changes announced in the 2008 Budget. 
These lucrative tax shelters could have an enormous impact on the amount of wealth you accumulate from property. In fact, our calculations show that you could end up with up to 140% more income than a traditional buy-to-let investor. 
Tax-Free Property Investments is recommended reading for ALL property investors, especially those striving for long-term financial independence or wanting to earn attractive tax-free returns without taking unnecessary risks. 
One of the book's many unique features is the UK's first comprehensive guide to property funds: REITs, property unit trusts and specialist funds, including overseas property funds and residential funds for SIPP investors. 
Property funds are the 'building blocks' of tax-free property investments and offer some fantastic benefits: 
* Returns have been spectacular recently - in the last couple of months many have enjoyed over 20% growth... all tax free! 
* For just a few hundred pounds you can own a chunk of dozens of prime properties such as central London offices, popular shopping centres and upmarket London homes. 
* Many property funds pay very high income, equivalent to earning 13% from a buy-to-let property... and all tax free inside an ISA or SIPP. 
* The guide also contains a unique property fund directory, showing you where they invest, how well they've performed and where you can obtain further information. 
Tax-Free Property Investments also contains a wealth of other information on property SIPPs and ISAs: 
* Detailed cases studies showing exactly how much more money you can make from property SIPPs and ISAs. 
* One case study shows how a property ISA investor can earn 50% more money than a heavily-geared buy-to-let investor. 
* Another case study shows how a SIPP investor can earn 100% to 140% more money than a traditional buy to let investor. 
* Plain-English guide to all the `A-Day' pension changes. 
* The new pension property rules plus details of residential property funds, investments in student halls and hotel rooms. 
* How to overcome the pension borrowing restrictions. 
* How to save almost �3,500 extra in tax every year with property ISAs. 
* How to go about setting up and running a property SIPP or ISA. 
* Plus lots more...