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How to Avoid Tax on Foreign Property (0 Review)

Author: Carl Bayley
RRP: £24.95
This unique new guide tells you everything you need to know about paying less tax on overseas property. Whether you're buying a dream holiday home or building an overseas property empire, this invaluable tax saving resource will help you save money both in the UK and abroad. 
The guide is completely up to date with key UK and overseas tax changes and is essential reading for: 
* Anyone buying or selling property anywhere in the world. 
* Those just thinking about buying overseas property - there are lots of tax deductions you can claim even before you buy. 
* Owners of overseas holiday homes. 
* Buy-to-let investors with overseas rental properties. 
* Those developing or refurbishing overseas property. 
How to Avoid Tax on Foreign Property is written in plain English and contains dozens of examples and tax planning tips. 
Subjects covered include: 
* How to pay less tax on foreign rental income, both in the UK and abroad. 
* How to avoid UK capital gains tax on overseas property. 
* How to avoid foreign capital gains taxes. 
* How to get the taxman to pay for your overseas trips.
* How to get tax relief for costs incurred up to seven years before you buy your first foreign property. 
* How to avoid VAT at up to 25% on overseas property purchases. 
* The benefits and dangers of using a company to buy overseas property. 
* * How to avoid foreign inheritance tax and wealth taxes. 
* How to protect your property from onerous foreign succession laws. 
* How to maximise UK tax relief for taxes paid abroad. 
* Traps to watch out for in foreign property tax systems. 
* A clear and detailed explanation of the new rules for non-domiciled investors. 
* The dangers of transferring foreign property - even for married couples. 
* How to reduce your foreign currency exchange risks on foreign property. 
* How double tax agreements work and how you can exploit them. 
* How double tax relief works - when you can claim it and when you shouldn't. 
* How paying MORE tax abroad can SAVE you tax in the UK. 
* Detailed chapters outlining the very latest property tax rules in some of the most popular destinations.