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Master Property Capital Gains Tax in 2 Hours: How to Calculate It - How to Avoid It (0 Review)

Author: Carl Bayley
RRP: £14.95
This new tax saving tax guide is completely up-to-date with all tax changes announced in the recent budget it's an essential tax-saving tool for: 
* All buy-to-let investors and landlords 
* Everyone who owns a second home, either in the UK or abroad 
* Anyone wanting tried and tested ways of legally paying less capital gains tax 
* ... plus all the tax saving tricks the tax professionals keep up their sleeves 
* Anyone wanting to know how to calculate capital gains tax and complete a tax return 
Subjects covered include: 
* All the new capital gains tax rules applying from 6th April 2008. 
* How one clever buy-to-let investor with a �200,000 profit will pay just 2% capital gains tax. 
* How another shrewd investor with a profit of �100,000 will pay just �72 in tax! 
* How to enjoy a tax-free second home in the UK or abroad by making main residence elections. 
* ... plus some special tricks to obtain extra tax savings on multiple properties. 
* How unmarried couples can have two tax-free main residences... plus the traps to avoid. 
* How one buy-to-let couple are saving �65,664 in capital gains tax and �40,000 in income tax by carefully timing their property sales. 
* How one investor is renting out her holiday home for 48 weeks per year but still claiming capital gains tax reliefs of �64,000. 
* How your spouse can save you an extra �8,928 in capital gains tax. 
* How your children can help you avoid capital gains tax altogether. 
* The best way to gift assets to your family and escape capital gains tax and inheritance tax. 
* What you should do to avoid being classified as a property trader and taxed at 40% instead of 18%. 
* The new Entrepreneurs Relief and how certain property investors can pay tax at just 10%. 
* Absolutely everything there is to know about the Principal Private Residence Exemption. 
* ... plus how buy-to-let investors can milk every drop of tax savings out of this fantastic loophole. 
* How Private Letting Relief can shelter an extra �80,000 per property from the taxman. 
* How to distinguish between improvements and repairs and obtain the best tax outcome. 
* Remortgaging your properties - the dangers banks and brokers don't tell you about. 
* Step-by-step guide to selling your properties if you emigrate. 
* The 2 big tax saving benefits of setting up your own property company. 
* How to claim a big home office income tax deduction, including mortgage interest, council tax, gas bills etc. 
* ... plus what you must then do to avoid capital gains tax. 
* The enormous tax benefits of furnished holiday lets, including rollover relief, loss relief and 10% capital gains tax. 
* Using Enterprise Investment Schemes to postpone CGT and save up to �100,000 income tax. 
* How to fill in your tax return, plus a sample completed form to make life easy.