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The Seven Pillars of Buy-to-Let Wisdom (0 Review)

Author: Ajay Ahuja
RRP: £9.99

An examination of the key elements of successful buy-to-let property investment. I n his first bestselling buy-to-let book, The Buy to Let Bible (also available here), author and buy-to-let millionaire Ajay Ahuja provided the basics of successful buy-to-let.  Ajay has now written 'further reading' for the buy-to-let investor, 'The Seven Pillars of Buy-to-Let Wisdom', that explains in depth how to get the most from your investment by examining the seven fundamentals of successful buy-to-let property management.  This books has seven chapters covering all the important elements of Buy to Let Investing: Yield Management Gearing Awareness Appreciation Risk Exit 7 Chapters, Paperback.