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  • Introducing Rex Mhach of Pebble - Effective Landlord Solutions

Rex Mhach has worked in the lettings industry for the last 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the letting markets, initially working for one of the main agents who developed docklands in the 80’s, in their letting division, being headhunted to set up a letting divisions in another prominent company to moving on to setting up her own letting agency, managing a large portfolio of properties on behalf of landlords for over 10 years. Rex has dealt with a plethora of issues that landlords experience on a day to day basis and is well versed in offering landlords, effective solutions to them at an affordable fee.

In 2006, Rex launched pebble effective landlord solutions. Pebble is a unique and highly expert consultancy that assists landlords nationwide with any aspect of letting their property. They are not the only consultancy who offers landlords advice around eviction or repossession. However: they are the only consultancy who wants to ensure you are fully protected before a tenant even crosses the threshold.

Rex, recognised that there was need for private landlords to have the same level of protection that a good agency offered but with none of the tie in's, ie; renewal fees etc, at an affordable fee. She understood the plight of landlords who do get it inadvertently wrong, with their paperwork, contracts, did not want to utlise an agency due to costs, or did not understand the legal implications of a tenancy not being granted correctly. Bearing in mind:

Frighteningly, seven out of every 10 possessions were refused in county court due to defective notices’
– source – ‘London association of district judges’

There was a need to have a one stop shop that could tailor your contract around your letting and ensuring that all the correct paperwork was in place, with a valid rental guarantee. Likewise a provider who could supply all the documentation and advice that you needed to make you’re letting secure.

Pebble is a discrete, efficient and highly experienced, offering free advice help lines and a team of expert staff that are available to offer you advice and support. They have in short, encapsulated the three essential services that a landlords requires under one roof, comprehensive referencing, bespoke robust contracts and rental guarantee. At pebble, they do not encourage landlords to download contracts or notices as past experience shows that these may actually expose your position as a landlord the very time you need to rely on these.
Pebble offers an extremely comprehensive rental guarantee, which is available via their insurance partners, who have offered this type of service since 1992. Pebble has been thoroughly checked for their working practices and knowledge of the industry before they were able to offer this stand along product in conjunction with our services. They are fully PI insured and have established arrangements in place with their insurance and legal partners.

The ethos is that you if you have these tools at your fingertips, that you are indemnified for your rental loss and your legal costs are covered. After all, we appreciate that a landlord is left with little re-course if the rental is not being paid and the legal costs are racking up.

Pebble is one of the most progressive concepts in the letting market. They tailor their broad range of services to every client – ensuring that your needs are perfectly met, and you can relax in the knowledge that you have given your property the best possible form of protection.

Services Available

  • Tenant referencing.
  • Preparation of Tenancy agreements
  • Id verification
  • Rental guarantees
  • Preparation of section 21 & section 8
  • Preparation of Guarantor deeds
  • Preparation of surrender documents
  • Resolving tenant/landlord disputes
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Free advice lines

Rex - PebblePebble – effective landlord solutions

t. 0207 354 3080

f. 0207 288 2588