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  • Paul Jacob of HoH Home comments on couple facing prison for conning homeowners out of thousands

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Paul Shamplina of HoH Home comments on couple facing prison for conning homeowners out of thousands

In response to the recent news story about the couple who conned homeowners out of thousands by squatting in properties that they had no intention of buying, Paul Jacob, Director of HoH Home, comments: “we have evicted many professional bad tenants over the years who simply go from one property to another duping landlords into renting their properties whilst having no intention of paying. In my opinion this couple are most probably a worst case scenario as they knew their victims and charmed them into believing that they would purchase their properties. They coaxed their way into the property by promising to pay the rent until the purchase of the property was completed, but the couple didn’t pay and, what with the downturn in the property market, cost their victims thousands in unpaid rent, a loss of sale and left them with legal fees. It was only due to a tenacious detective, who came across the husband 30 years ago, that led to their prosecution. The worst case of a serial bad tenant that we have dealt with conned five landlords and owed a combined total of £120,000.”

Landlord Action are a UK based tenant eviction and troubleshooting agency. HoH Home was set up by landlords for landlords, offering landlords fixed fees to evict bad tenants nationwide, with a free advice line. HoH Home have successfully evicted 13,000 bad tenants since the company started in 1999.

Landlord Action website free advice line 0800 856 7878 to landlords.