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  • Landlords are stretched to breaking point, avoiding additional expense is crucial!

2015 looks as though it is going to be a tough year for landlords. The rise in rental prices that was predicted has, thus far, failed to materialise and at the same time bills are going up. In these times of financial difficulty many landlords can not afford the added expense of an essential kitchen appliance breaking in one of their properties. The cost of replacing a broken appliance is likely to run into the hundreds of pounds, if not the thousands in high-end rentals.
A new service from repaircare aims to lower the cost of white goods repairs for landlords. Given the current financial climate everyone is looking to minimise expenditure wherever possible and the ‘home repair service’ saves landlords from the expensive of replacing white goods, not covered by a warranty, when they break. The service offers repairs on all white goods, including washing machines, cookers and refrigerators, for a fixed price starting at just £70 including parts, labour and callout.
The new repaircare service gives landlords a viable alternative to replacing, talking about the benefits, repaircare director Dave Holden states “our home repair service is a great way for landlords to save money by prolonging the life of their existing appliances. If you think the average cost of buying a replacement oven is something like £500 and we can restore the old one for less than quarter of the price, it makes business sense to repair. Plus, the landlord hasn’t got to sort out disposing of the old appliance”
The repaircare service is designed to make repairs hassle free. All repairs can be booked online at and the quoted price includes call out, evaluation, the repair and any parts required up to the value paid - so there are no nasty surprises. Dave Holden believes the service will become invaluable to landlords, “managed property repairs just got easier. Many kitchen appliances still perform well long after the warranty period has expired and can easily be repaired when faults do occur, there really is no need to replace at the first sign of a problem. When a landlord opts for a repaircare repair they know we have the industry experience to deliver and the piece of mind that the price is fixed and all work is guaranteed. I believe this service will be a real asset to landlords facing increased financial pressures.”
About repaircare
Repaircare specialise in domestic appliance repairs including all white goods and floorcare from most major brands. They have a network of over 500 fully-trained service technicians operating across all regions of England, Scotland and Wales.
Repaircare has conducted over 1 million white good repairs and in excess of 200,000 floorcare repairs. They operate from our 42,000 sq ft head office complex and have a 200,000 sq ft parts distribution centre to ensure parts are readily available.  The official website is The new ‘home repair service’ launched in February 2015.
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